30,000 students and growing!

This week my total number of online students reached 30,000 and I wanted to share an important lesson with you about what I’ve learned from teaching others.

Throughout my 18 years providing technology-based solutions to startups and corporate, I’ve always had a desire to teach others what I’ve learned. That’s why I began to develop online courses based on my expertise in Leadership, Software Development, and DevOps with the goal of educating others to help them become passionate, highly competent software engineers. It’s two years since I started teaching online and I’m grateful to be currently teaching over 30,000 students around the world through LinkedIn Learning, Lynda and Udemy. It gives me great joy to read reviews from my students and hear how my teachings have positively impacted and helped them to progress.

The lesson I’ve learned is that we have a responsibility to share our knowledge and experience to help others following behind us and that teaching other is truly fulfilling. Whether we teach one person or thousands of people, having a beneficial impact on others, teaching them new skills, boosting their confidence and seeing them progress in their career is priceless.

Do you feel the same sense of fulfillment when you help others?

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