What is the goal of this weblog?

Hello everyone,

For a very long time I’ve been developing applications for both individuals and businesses. It’s over 15 years since I wrote my very first Hello World program and I must confess that majority of my knowledge in programming has been learned from other programmers. For this reason, I always like to teach other new developers and I often get some private students even at the times I am really busy.

The other day, I tough that it would be a good idea to launch a weblog and put whatever I learn in there to get them shared with others and collect reader’s comments about them. Please feel free to post your comments or send me your articles, if you have any, so that I will publish them here with your own name.



June 2008


3 thoughts on “What is the goal of this weblog?

  1. Good luck, you’re off to a good start already. I found the post about the modal popups in IE and FireFox rather helpful, though I opted to use a hidden textbox on the parent page for transfering the values rather than a session variable. Keep up the good work.

  2. ASP GUY:

    Dear Kris,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I want mention that if you decide to transfer the results from a modal page to the caller page via a hidden TextBox, you will have to serialize big objects (i.e. Lists) because a textbox can hold texts only. That will be time consuming and making your page too big. Moreover not all objects can be serialized πŸ™‚

    Please come back to my small blog and give it value πŸ™‚

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